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Growing Your Small Business With A Cloud Telephone System

A cloud telephone system elevates small businesses with all-inclusive pricing and the latest telephony tools and features.

A work life in the cloud is the new normal, with prevailing technology trends driving both big and small businesses to adopt services like Dynamics Telephony Phone System.

Cloud-based phone systems empower businesses to harness the power of the latest tech developments to raise their company to greater heights. Dynamics Telephony Phone System addresses all of a businesses technological needs, while leaving room for scalability at a price point that won’t drain the budget.

Switching your phone system to a cloud-based platform enables you to:

  • Capitalize on the newest telephony tools and features

  • Raise employee productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness

  • Eliminate on-site hardware that eats away at your budget

  • Expand your organization with a highly scalable solution

  • Integrate Dynamics 365 and offer advance functionality like, automated callbacks, priority routing etc

Covid showed all of us that the world can change overnight, setting the technological trends for years to come on a global scale. Forward-thinking businesses should take the necessary steps to future-proof their company, while preparing for the existing traditional telephone network, like all other legacy systems, to reach its inevitable end-of-life deadline.

Cloud telephone systems offer the latest tools & features

Since a cloud telephone system is delivered through an Internet connection instead of a copper-wire phone line, its features are delivered on a virtual basis. That means the voice features you can access aren’t limited to the type of server and number of ports available through your in-office system.

In a Cloud Telephone System, you can have as many auto attendants, extensions, voicemail boxes, and conference bridges as you need. And because upgrades are handled by the vendor, you don’t have to swap out your system for a newer one to gain access to newly available features.

The leading features and tools preferred by businesses, and delivered on an unlimited basis via a cloud phone system, include:

  • Auto attendants

  • Call back Management

  • Voicemail to email

  • Hold music and hold messages

  • Flexible calling number


Current technology trends, coupled with changes in the workforce, make a move to the Cloud Telephone System downright mandatory for any business that wants to remain viable in the modern economy.

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